Allison and Marty |Joshua Vides Black and White Chapel, Palms Casino | Las Vegas, Nevada

Allison and Marty are both from the same small town and have always known each other. They got to watch each other grow and evolve from a distance before they started dating. To them, it was amazing...the relationship was brand new, but with someone you felt like you have known forever...and to Allison and Marty it was just perfect.

The Ceremony was held inside the Palms Casino at the Joshua Vides Black and White Chapel Til Death Do Us Part. The ceremony was officiated by Allison's brother and the sweetest words were said by many guests. I cried along with them, it was such a touching ceremony. Afterwards, we headed out to Downtown Las Vegas to celebrate with the garter and bouquet toss with the entire wedding party! We ended the night with some intimate portraits and had an absolute blast.

Allison had this to say about her wedding day:

We woke up to the the amazing views of LAS VEGAS! Brunch and cocktails with all of our loved ones, we moved the party to the pool until it was time to get ready...champagne, makeup and hair! On to the fun part...I DO! We finished our evening at Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas..Beer, music and great food! So much fun!! Simply an amazing day. I wish I could do it all over again the exact same way!! Vegas was exactly what I expected, as a matter of fact...even better.

When asked why they chose Las Vegas as the location for their destination wedding, Allison said:

We both hate to plan. We are adventure seekers and love to travel! Las Vegas was a place we both had never been before, so why not? We didn’t want a giant ceremony and Vegas was perfect for that. All we had to do was book the chapel, hair and makeup; conveniently, Carrie set us up with all of them! It was easily the best day of my life.

It was a fun night and I am honored to have been a part of it.

Enjoy some of my favorite images from their big day.