Joanne + Lenny | Post Ceremony Las Vegas Strip Photo Shoot | Las Vegas Weddings

Joanne and Lenny traveled from Canada with their close friends and family to get married in lovely Las Vegas Nevada. Their ceremony was at the Venetian and we met up afterwards for a post ceremony strip photo shoot with just the two of them.

These two are special and have a great first date story :)

They met through one of Joanne's friends, who just so happened to work with Lenny. She set them up, gave Lenny Joanne's number and they started chatting. After talking and texting for awhile, Lenny asked her on a date. Lenny wanted to be a real gentlemen and pick her up at her home. Joanne was a bit leery and gave him her sisters address instead (haha)!

Joanne even had her friend call her halfway through dinner to make sure she was ok and alive (hahah)! After dinner they went to a movie (this is my favorite part) and Lenny fell asleep halfway through the movie (hahahah)! 13 years later, here they are getting married!

When I asked Joanne if a Vegas wedding was everything she imagined, she said " It was amazing!! it was everything and more. It was stress free and we could enjoy our friends and family that came with us. We had a few hours of us time in between the photos and dinner. It wasn't rushed and we were both so happy and relaxed! I don't think we would have had that in Canada, In fact, I know I wouldn't because we are doing a reception here and it's so stressful!!"

We had a lot of fun exploring the strip together and getting to know each other. Congratulations Joanne and Lenny! Here's to you guys!