Roller Girls | Capitola, Ca | Carrie Pollard Photography

3 years ago...maybe a little longer...I had a vision of girl's in roller-skates, short shorts and bikini tops, blowing bubblegum bubbles, with an 80's vibe and loads of color. I had talked about it with some friends before I moved to Las Vegas, but never brought my vision to life.

Fast forward to last summer and I finally pulled it all together. I have the most amazing creative friends that were involved in this shoot that helped make my dream a reality... and to this day, the roller girls set blows my mind every time I see it. I envisioned this and it. is. awesome.

It is even better than I imagined. Capitola Beach was the absolute perfect location!

It is so amazing to see what you can do with help from your friends. Don't let the dreams stay dreams, bring those babies to life.

Special thanks to all those involved

Hair by: Glamology Beauty Lounge

Makeup by: Glam By Lilyaj

Floral Swimwear: Nuke Swimwear

Jewelry by: Desert Daisy Jewelry