Tiv + Eric | Neon Museum and Downtown Las Vegas Wedding Portraits | Las Vegas Weddings

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Tiv and Eric were set to get married May 24th of this year in Mexico but Covid had other plans for them. On top of the pandemic, Eric had just started in the Police Academy which limited any extended getaways. Vegas has always been their special getaway place, so they thought it was fitting to exchange vows in my lovely city. While they wanted all of their friends there with them, they will do that at a later time when it is safer to have larger gatherings.

Tiv and Eric drove up from San Diego, California to Las Vegas, Nevada the morning of their special day. They exchanged personal vows in their suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. While I was not there to witness the ceremony, I can only imagine how sweet and intimate each word they spoke to each other was in that beautiful suite with amazing views of the Las Vegas Strip. I would have cried....I know it, especially knowing all their special details of their day and relationship.

Tiv was extremely gorgeous in her fitted lace wedding dress enhanced by the bouquet she made herself. Tiv's exquisite hair and makeup was also done herself, she is THAT amazing.

Eric's suit was pretty damn special. Tiv's Mom loved Eric so very much. She knew that he needed a suit for the interviews with the police department and for their upcoming wedding, so she gifted Eric this suit for Christmas. Unfortunately, Tiv's Mom passed away from lung cancer the day after Christmas. Wearing this suit meant so very much to Tiv and Eric. I told you it was pretty damn special.

We met up in downtown Las Vegas after they exchanged vows for some fun and unique wedding portraits. Downtown Las Vegas has