Denica + Daniel | Red Rock Overlook Wedding | Las Vegas, Nevada Weddings

Denica and Daniel are another couple among many that had to reschedule their wedding date due to covid. They were set to get married in April, when temperatures in Las Vegas are just a bit cooler than summer months. Love is relentless though, so the show must go on! Denica and Daniel flew in from Florida with their friends and family to Vegas in June to get married in picturesque Red Rock Canyon Overlook. This is one of my favorite locations for dreamy afternoon light. It is just so beyond gorgeous. Their personal vows were extremely sweet and you could tell how much everyone loved this amazing couple. We toasted,cheered and celebrated the newlyweds and ventured off to the next location for portraits.

Red Springs is stunning with its cliff views and Denica and Daniel wanted THAT shot (honestly, who wouldn't?) up we went! The views are spectacular but be prepared for a lot of breaks for rest and water if you are coming in the warmer months. It was 108 degrees that day and we are climbing up a giant mountain in formal wear and at one point on the way down.....we were chased by wasps!

It is SO WORTH IT, though...wasps and all (although, this was my first time ever seeing those wasps) but expect unexpected things....that's my one piece of advice :)

I love getting to know couples while we explore the desert and mountains for portraits. I learned that Daniel proposed to Denica with a ring pop and I just absolutely LOVED that sweet detail.

Congratulations you guys! You all are amazing!

Permit/Coordination: Desert