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Sure Thing Chapel Wedding and Burlesque Show...and Elvis! | Las Vegas Wedding | Las Vegas, Nevada

Danielle and John decided to get married in Las Vegas Nevada at the super cute Sure Thing Chapel in downtown. It is way high up there on my favorite lists of places for you to elope in Las Vegas, especially if you are really into vintage vegas and mid century modern details. The adorable pink heart altar gives me all the price is right vibes and I am so here for it. They have a burlesque show as an add on to your package and I hope all of my future couples opt to add it because it is SO MUCH FUN.

Danielle and John got ready at the Flamingo and decided to have their first look there before Elvis came to pick them up in his pink Cadillac convertible. Elvis drove us around town to the Sure Thing Chapel and would also be the return ride for their reception dinner.

The couple and guests settled into the Sure Thing Chapel to get this super fun ceremony started. Danielle and John chose a burlesque show and Miss Isabelle Marie was so amazing to watch. She captivated the guests and set the tone for a truly fun and unique wedding ceremony. I really think everyone needs to add this on!

So...sometimes things happen and couples forget to bring their marriage certificate and sure enough, this happened to Danielle and John. We are in Vegas, though... don't worry! Elvis drove us to the license bureau so they could make this official before dinner! Elvis was able to perform their ceremony in the valet area of the Cosmo and I think that it fit the night perfectly. It is all part of the adventure! Here in Vegas, there are no rules!

We finished the night at Scarpetta at the Cosmopolitan for the reception dinner where I got to hear some of the most touching speeches ever. This was truly a wedding to remember and I had such a great time with Danielle and John.



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Reception Dinner:

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